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Reliable Roadworthy Near Ferntree Gully: Expert Roadworthy Mechanics for Your Vehicle

Ensuring a vehicle is safe to drive is very important for a vehicle owner. It becomes more important when planning to buy or sell an old vehicle. Over the course of time, your vehicle becomes old and may start showing signs of wear and tear. It may also have sustained some defects in its mechanical components and might have become a risk for other drivers on the road. Getting a roadworthy certificate (RWC) in Victoria is essential to ensure that Victoria’s roads are safe.

In Victoria, any car being sold or re-registered is required by law to have a roadworthy certificate. The certificate assures that the vehicle is safe enough to be used on public roads. These certificates can only be provided by a licensed inspection station, such as Premium AutoCare.

At Premium AutoCare, our mechanics check your vehicle thoroughly for all safety points and ensure that the vehicle is in a safe condition to be driven on the roads. We also ensure that any flaw in the vehicle is reported to the vehicle’s owner in due time. If the vehicle is unsuitable for a roadworthy certificate, we will honestly convey this to the owner. We take pride in being a licenced VicRoads provider for certificates of roadworthy in Ferntree Gully.

Premium Auto Care, located near Ferntree Gully, specialises in roadworthy inspections. With our skilled mechanics and dedication to excellence, we ensure that your vehicle meets all safety requirements. Whether you’re buying or selling a vehicle or need to renew your registration, trust Premium Auto Care for reliable roadworthy inspections near Ferntree Gully. We provide professional service and peace of mind, ensuring your vehicle is in optimal condition and safe for public roads.

Our trusted mechanics of Ferntree Gully provide exceptional service for all your automotive needs. With an experienced and skilled team, Premium AutoCare specialises in conducting thorough roadworthy inspections and car services in Ferntree Gully. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail make us the go-to choice for roadworthy inspections.

From routine maintenance and servicing to repairs and diagnostics, we handle all your car service needs professionally. Whether it’s an oil change, brake inspection, engine tune-up, or wheel alignment in Ferntree Gully, Premium Auto Care delivers reliable and efficient car services. Trust us to keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely, ensuring peace of mind and satisfaction.

Why do you need a Roadworthy Certificate (RWC) in Victoria?

The government takes various initiatives to ensure that the vehicles and the general public using the roadways in Victoria are safe. A roadworthy certificate is one of the key regulations to ensure the safety of the roadways. A roadworthy certificate is an important document that you will need to sell or buy a new vehicle, register an unregistered vehicle, or transfer the title.

Irrespective of the medium of sale—online, public offering, or a simple sale transaction—the seller must procure a roadworthy certificate before the title can be transferred to the new owner. Contact a VicRoads-certified inspection centre, like Premium AutoCare, to get a roadworthy certificate.

What will be checked during a roadworthy inspection?

The licensed mechanic will check various aspects of the vehicle, including:

  • Brakes
  • Tires
  • Steering wheel
  • Lighting system
  • Mirrors
  • Windows
  • Suspension
  • Engine
  • Body

Once all the parameters are satisfied completely, the mechanic will provide you with the roadworthy certificate.

If your car fails to pass the roadworthy test, you will be given a rejection report with seven days to fix the flaws identified on the report. If you fail to do so, your car must undergo another full inspection before it can be issued a roadworthy certificate.

Typically, a roadworthy certificate is valid for 30 days from the date of issue to the date you present it to VicRoads for title transfer or re-registration. If you and the buyer/seller fail to come to a resolution within this period, another roadworthy certificate will need to be issued, requiring re-inspection.

Why choose Premium Autocare for Roadworthy in Ferntree Gully?

Premium AutoCare is a reliable car repair and service centre with a huge customer base that trusts us for various services. These include log book service, tire and brake services, roadworthy inspection, and more. We are a VicRoads-authorised roadworthy service station. When you approach us for a roadworthy inspection, we ensure you are offered all the information and assistance related to the inspection.

We offer affordable roadworthy in Ferntree Gully and ensure you are given the certificate as soon as possible. Our mechanics are experienced and certified to check and inspect the vehicle in all aspects. Once the inspection is complete, we take the minimum time to prepare a certificate and offer it to you.

Known for our quality and reliability of services, Premium Autocare has garnered a great customer base in the region. We are your go-to place to avail all types of premium auto care and repair services at an affordable price.

We understand that roadworthy inspection is a comprehensive process and demands a thorough skillset of understanding and knowledge. Our mechanics are fully prepared, trained, and experienced to offer you the desired service and ensure your vehicle is safe to hit the roads of Victoria.

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