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Your vehicle’s brake system is an integral part of your vehicle’s safety system. Therefore, it is imperative that your brakes are maintained and serviced regularly by a qualified motor mechanic.  As our brake centre is local to Wantirna South, our trusted mechanics can get all of your brake issues sorted with a minimum of fuss.

Our Wantirna South brake centre utilises quality brake pads, brake discs and brake drums from trusted brake suppliers such as Bendix and PBR.

Brakes Wantirna South Services:

  •  Brake Pad Replacement
  •  Brake Disc Replacement
  •  Brake Disc Machining
  •  Brake Caliper Servicing
  •  Brake Fluid Replacement
  •  Brake Drum Service
  •  Brake Linings
Common Brake Problems – Brake Shudder

This is when you feel a vibration through your steering or brake pedal when applying brakes.  This is caused by uneven wear or warping of your brake discs. The cause of this can be usual wear, brake overheating or design faults.  Some makes and models are more susceptible to this problem

Excessive brake shudder can be dangerous as it can cause brakes to lock up unnecessarily. It also makes it difficult to steer in an emergency.

To correct brake shudder, our mechanics will machine or replace the brake discs.

Brake Squeal/Grinding

This is when brakes make a grinding or squealing sound when applied.  This is generally an indicator that brake pads or brake shoes have reached the end of their usual life and require replacing.  Many modern brake systems have brake squeal tabs which are designed to make a squealing sound to alert the driver that brake pads are almost depleted and require changing.

If you experience brake squeal or brake grinding it is essential that you seek immediate assistance from a qualified and experienced motor mechanic.  Failure to attend to this problem will usually result in more costly damage to brake discs and brake linings and could result in brake failure.

Soft or Mushy Brake Pedal

Typically this problem points to a serious and potentially dangerous automotive brake issue.  Possible causes: air has entered the brake hydraulic system (often caused by low brake fluid levels); there is a leak in the brake hydraulic system or the brake booster system is not operating correctly.  In any event, it is essential to seek immediate attention from a qualified motor mechanic, as any of these problems will result in a loss of braking performance. This will affect safety.

To arrange a Brake Inspection of your vehicle, call our workshop on (03) 9801 5647, book online or visit us at 2/2 Sherwood Court, Wantirna South. 

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