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Roadworthy Bayswater

If you are planning to buy or sell an old vehicle or register it, you will need a roadworthy certificate Bayswater. The certificate is now known as a safety certificate and is one of the mandatory certificates that every vehicle owner must have if their vehicle is more than 3 years old. Some of the common reasons why you must apply for a roadworthy inspection today and get a safety certificate include:

  • Buy or sell a registered vehicle
  • Transfer of ownership of a vehicle
  • Transfer of registration from another state
  • Re-registration of an unregistered vehicle

A roadworthy Certificate Bayswater is valid for 3 months or 1000 kilometres, whichever comes first. This is valid on the purchase of a vehicle from an authorized dealer. However, if you are buying a vehicle privately, a roadworthy certificate will be valid for 2 months or 1000 kilometres, whichever comes first. All types of vehicles including cars, bikes, trucks and trailers require a roadworthy certificate to ensure they are safe to be driven on the roads.

At Premium Autocare, we offer you roadworthy Bayswater inspection services. Our expert mechanics are licensed and experienced in inspecting your vehicle and ensuring that it is in a perfect shape to be driven on the roads. We offer affordable services and ensure the utmost safety of our customers through quality inspection and services. It is very important to get your roadworthy Certificate Bayswater renewed in advance to avoid any problems in your driving experience. We are readily available to offer you the best services at Premium Autocare.

Roadworthy Certificate Service Includes

The primary motive of a roadworthy Bayswater inspection is to ensure that the vehicle is safe to drive and not a threat to the driver as well as others on the roadways. A roadworthy inspection is performed by inspection stations approved by the Department of Transport and Main Roads. In the inspection, the mechanics check the vehicle for its condition and that all the components of the vehicle are safe and functional as per the intentions.

In a roadworthy Bayswater inspection, the mechanic will check your vehicle for the following components:

  • Tyres
  • Brakes
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Body rust or damage
  • Windscreen
  • Lights

If any problem is found during the inspection that makes your vehicle unworthy for the roads, it will be intimated to you. You can get the problems fixed and apply for a re-inspection to get a roadworthy certificate Bayswater.

Whether you are selling an old car, a motorbike or a trailer, having a roadworthy certificate is important as the buyer would ask you for it. As a buyer of an old vehicle, you get a chance to assess that the vehicle is worth the price you are paying for it. However, if you are buying or selling an unregistered vehicle, you do not need to have a roadworthy certificate. A roadworthy inspection is done to check the vehicle very thoroughly for its conditions, the only aspect that is not considered under the roadworthy inspection is oil, motor or gearbox. You can, however, book a full vehicle inspection at Premium Autocare and get our services.

Why choose Premium Autocare for Roadworthy Bayswater?

Premium Autocare has made its unique reputation in the Autocare market in Australia. We are a team of seasoned mechanics, qualified and trained to handle all types of vehicles. We are also a certified Roadworthy Bayswater centre to get a roadworthy certificate for your vehicle. Our mechanics perform a thorough inspection of your vehicle and offer you a roadworthy certificate.

Equipped with the best equipment and technology, we are readily available to handle your roadworthy certificate requirements at an affordable price. Unlike rogue mechanic and service centres, we don’t keep you waiting or charge you unnecessary money for a roadworthy certificate.

We also offer a range of maintenance and car repair services including tyre and wheel services, logbook services, car services, car repair and roadworthy services at the best price. Our constant approach towards offering quality in service and ensuring great results makes us the most trusted car service and repair centre in Bayswater, if you need a roadworthy certificate Bayswater, connect with us today and let our expert mechanics inspect your vehicle and provide you with a roadworthy certificate.

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