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Premium AutoCare are Wantirna South’s first choice in passenger car tyres, four wheel (4X4) and off road tyres as well as the full range of commercial tyres.  All tyre makes and sizes are available and our expert tyre fitting service can be done while you wait.  Our tyre depot is local to Wantirna South for your convenience.

Our Wantirna South tyre depot has a full range of quality new tyres as well as used tyres for sale.

Whether you are looking for premium branded tyres, generic budget tyres or second hand tyres, Premium AutoCare’s Wantirna South Tyre depot is your one-stop shop for tyres in the Wantirna South area

You can be rest assured that our fully trained and qualified mechanics and tyre fitters are equipped with the latest tyre and wheel fitting equipment and are Wantirna South’s first choice tyre merchants.

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Tyres: Why are they important?

Tyres are the primary interface between vehicle and the highway.  Their condition is the major factor in vehicle safety.  Worn tyres are a major cause of crashesparticularly in wet weather.

Vehicle Tyres typically have a tread pattern which provides grip and wicks water away from the tyre.  When the tyre becomes worn, tyres lose their ability to grip the road.

Typically, tyres should last from between 40,000 kilometres to 60,000 kilometres. However there are many factors affecting tyre life.

A major source of premature tyre wear is caused by poor wheel alignment. This can result in localised areas or uneven wear which drastically shorten tyre life. This results in unnecessary cost.

Premature tyre wear can also be caused by sharp abrasions, under and over inflation, towing and poor driving habits.

As with everything mechanical, prevention saves time, money and inconvenience in the long term.  Keep your tyres inflated at the prescribed pressureavoid sharp objects and have your vehicle’s wheel alignment checked regularly.

When your tyres do need replacing, Premium AutoCare Wantirna South stock allmajor tyre brands, a wide range of generic tyre brands and used tyres. We are fully equipped with the latest tyre equipment and can help with all your tyre needs.

Premium AutoCare – Automotive Tyre  Specialists serving Wantirna, Wantirna South.

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